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Knowledge is engaging & empowering…

There is no limit or end to what a person can learn. We can all benefit from learning new things & aspire to reach out for that all important position; through our Transformation Leadership Programme & Executive Coaching we can help you achieve that goal.

Supporting that transition and implementation of change to achieve an individuals goals

Training & Mentoring Services

Transformation Leadership Programme(s) are designed to cover Lean Methodologies and Optimisation principles, providing the participant with an understanding and greater knowledge of the concepts associated with Leading in a Lean environment. You will learn how to visualise the process differently, visualising it from a Lean perspective, from there you will understand how to stand back away from any  process  step and be able to see whether that step is creating value for the customer. The course will support the management, optimisation, and smooth your process flow to eliminate non-valued-added activity that does nothing but add cost to your operational processes.

Who is this for? 


These courses and programmes are designed for organisational Leaders, Middle Management, Line Leaders and developing Leaders.





This course is designed to help you improve on your knowledge and how to use them effectively:

Understanding how to drive Change Management principles in an organisation;

  • coach Change Management methodology so benefits can be sustained and become long term;
  • minimising the impact that change has on the business;
  • creation of a common understanding within a team;
  • provide tools, skills and an understanding that can be applied swiftly and effectively; and
  • demonstrate how Change Management thinking is required throughout an organisation to drive business improvement.

Where we have come from

Over the past several years our consultants have developed their knowledge and experience from working for a number of companies in many varying sectors globally...

  • Automotive 
  • Pharmaceutical
  • Lean Office
  • Aerospace
  • Rail
  • Logistics
  • Mining
  • Manufacturing
  • MRO
  • Healthcare
  • Food Manufacturing
  • Education
  • Service Operations

The heart of being a Leader is sharing that knowledge & challenging the norm:

Case Studies...

Lean Hub...

Lean Library...