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Mark Roberts, Director.

After an 18 year career with the global Lean leaders of Toyota Mark changed his direction and moved into the world of consulting. Mark has worked with many blue chip organisations over the years supporting them in their endeavours to improve and optimise both their systems, strategies and their operations into Lean, effective and efficient operations. During this period he found that a flair for writing and his passion for organisational improvement led him to want to put down his experiences for others to share. There are many books that are both Lean and business improvement based, but few (if any) have been written by an author who has experienced the "coal face" of working and operating a Lean system in an environment such as Toyota and then moved out of this comfort zone in order to support more traditional organisational in their own Lean journey with the implementation of lean systems and methodologies. Mark skilfully writes about his experiences, difficulties and pit falls in this unique and often difficult industry in his books. Change never is an easy ride but the greater the understanding the smoother that ride is likely to be. 

Prior to joining Toyota in 1993 Mark served with the British Army in the United Kingdom, Germany, Canada and Northern Ireland. 
Mark has taken his Lean knowledge and worked with many diverse companies globally working both extensively in Europe and SE Asia. Mark returned to the United Kingdom in June 2014 and now runs a UK based Lean consultancy in the UK with his business partner, Lean Progression Ltd. Mark is also a keen advocate of and passionate about small and local businesses. Lean methodologies are not just for the larger organisations and with this in mind Mark is currently supporting a number of smaller organisations in their own efficiency drives around the United Kingdom.

Mark is also a speaker at events around the United Kingdom and can be booked for engagements via his company website