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It's not just about saying you care...


With every Leadership Transformation Course or Programme, we will make a donation to a given cause. There will be three categories for the applicant to chose from on registration of their course.


The three categories are:

  • Air;
  • Sea; or
  • Water

Environmental Policy


This policy applies to all activities undertaken by Lean Progression Ltd and impacts upon key suppliers and customers. We are committed to minimising the environmental impact of our operations.

We will achieve this through our commitment to:


  • raise awareness of company commitment, encouraging participation and training employees in environmental   matters;
  • work together with our contractors, associates and suppliers to encourage;
  • reduce our consumption of energy, paper, water and other material
  • resources and improve    efficiency in the use of those resources;
  • adopting the principles of waste, recycling and re-using;
  • keep your tyres in check - Driving with deflated tyres reduces your gas mileage by up to 3%. You will get to your destination faster, and you will have less of a carbon footprint. Every gallon of petrol saved keeps 20 pounds of carbon dioxide out of the atmosphere.


Smooth driving - To reduce the pollution that is caused from your vehicle, you should accelerate and decelerate smoothly. Anticipate stops and starts at traffic lights.


Excess weight in your car decreases the gas mileage you can achieve. If you have golf clubs, equipment, people...


Any extra, unnecessary weight decreases potential gas mileage. Get rid of that junk, and improve your gas mileage! Get regular engine tune-ups:


• get regular tune-ups;

• reduce emissions and prevent pollution using hybrid powered hire

   cars (where possible);

• turn off lights when you leave an empty room; 30% of a home's energy usage comes from the lighting;

• turn the water off when you are not using it;

• unplug unused electronics when not in use;

• computer sleep mode and hibernate mode;

• printing and photocopying;

• if allowed, print and photocopy on both sides of the paper. 

• if you can, use recycled paper;

• low wattage is good wattage;

• support local environment legislation

• comply with the requirements of Government environmental legislation and other codes of practice as a       minimum standard.


The company will foster environmental awareness and understanding in all employees, suppliers, customers, subcontractors and other stakeholders. Where practicable, the company will provide information and assistance to customers on environmental issues arising from its products and services.

 It is the policy of Lean Progression Ltd to report publicly on its environmental objectives and performances at regular intervals.



LPCP/EP - Lean Progression Ltd – Environmental Policy updated version January 2016