Course Content

Each section of the course will be a constructive introduction to the many Lean tools available to the Lean practiitioner. Over the course you will achieve the ability to implement the new techniques and methodologies within the workplace. 

These methodologies have been used in many industries throughout the world creating substantial savings; not only driving out waste but improvement on customer satisfaction.


Lean - Toolbox there are many tools that support Lean Improvements that are currently used today. In essence regarding Lean as a toolbox is essential.


This course will  allow you to understand the issue(s) you are faced with, and what tool to use, will support the task you are carrying out. The more experience you have with Lean tools the more effective you will be at carrying out the task. This is not different from a workshop setting where the tools are solid rather than he ‘soft’ tools in the Lean toolbox.


It is about selecting the best tool for the task. The tools I have selected will not cover all eventualities, but what it will cover is the most widely used and the most appropriate.



 A light touch in the most appropriate Lean tools; an understanding of where and how to use them effectively:

  • Learn how to identify the 8 wastes;
  • Understanding what non-value added work is; 
  • the importance of workplace organisation & Standardisation;
  • how to map the process, how to map the value stream;
  • understanding the creation of 'Pull' in the workplace;
  • understanding the negative impact of poor quality; and
  • learning how to both measure and visualise the process.


  • Introduction to Lean
  • What is Lean about?
  • The 8 Wastes
  • Non-Value Added vs Value Added
  • 5S & Standardisation
  • Process Mapping
  • VSM
  • JIT, Kanban and 'Pull' System
  • Right First Time
  • KPIs & The Visual Factory