Work Balance Chart

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Work balance charts are best set up with the use of magnetic board where the work elements or steps are depicted on a small magnetic strips. The magnetic strip indictating the work element and corresponds to the time valus of that particular work element.

The key to identifying and eliminating anything that does not an value to the process. Work balance charts are a significant factor in making the activity of waste removal work smoothly and effectively. 

They give you the ability to understand what is happening in the processes and add clarity to the optimisation.  

Tackling work balance charts without good time values is problematic to say the least. The first stance would be to sit down with a supervisor or engineer who has a good understanding of the various work tasks and get them to give you a best guess on two items:

•How long should each activity take?

•What they regard as the best sequence for the  task to be carried out.

These are two items that will have to be cross- referenced throughout the activity of formulating the work balance chart.