Waste Elimination Walk

Waste Elimination Walks are essential, in a similar fashion to the ‘Go Look See’ philosophy. As well as serving a purpose, they display a supportive presence on the shop floor. Waste reduction will become important if it is made to be important. There is no better way than a visible shop floor presence to ensure the significance and importance of a project or methodology is brought to the forefront. If something is not made important it simply never will be.

Waste Elimination Walks are utilised for highlighting concerns or potential concerns that require fixing. They are simple walks around located areas with high-level managerial presence to confirm the significance of waste reduction; waste can be highlighted and immediate steps made to eliminate it. The waste walk focuses on the eight types of waste. As an activity it does not take any kind of planning or preparation, just focus. Waste walks do not require excessive training , just enough knowledge to align the walk with the understanding of the eight wastes and the will to convey the message.

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