Visual Management

The intention of Visual Management is to make the process transparent, a gold fish bowl where there is a window into the process. If a process is transparent and can be seen in real time, issues can be both identified and resolved in real time. Resolution can be both speedy and effective. Good Visual Management should be simple, easily understood and standardised throughout the organisation where possible; it should also be reviewed regularly for improvement as Lean grows in the organisation.

The focus on Visual Management is to improve the organisational performance by supporting the identification of process and value chain abnormalities in real time at local level.

Visual Management will align everyone in the organisation to understand what is important to both customers and the organisation at large. Leadership skills of front line management will improve through improved awareness and understanding of what is actually happening, giving them the opportunity for rapid reaction to issues, but more importantly, reacting to greater understanding gives the opportunity for a more proactive approach.

Visual Management is very much about inclusion and cascades right down to the shop floor to operatives on the ground and will support the ‘buy-in’ of employees if implemented correctly.

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