Standarised Work & Job Element Sheet

Standardised Work, Standardised Work or Job Instruction sheets have been around for many years, there is nothing new bout this particular concept. The philosophy of reducing variation in the process by using work instructions, where everybody will carry out the same task in exactly the same fashion obviously fits, why wouldn’t it? If everyone carries out the process in exactly the same way it can only support a reduction in variation.

Standardised Work consists of several elements;

•Takt time - this is the pace or rate the products are required to be produced   in  order to meet customer demands;

•the Cycle time that sits underneath the Takt time will be achievable;

•the sequence the operative carries out to perform the task is precise and    exact;

•the standardised work is followed to the letter within the Takt time;

•there will be sufficient (but not excessive) inventory and machine-in-process    stock to allow  the process to operate smoothly and consistently within the    Takt time.
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