Problem Countermeasure Sheet & Concern, Containment & Countermeasure Strip (CCCS)

There are largely only two common formats where concerns are captured in the Lean world

the ‘Problem & Countermeasure’ sheet and the ‘Concern, Containment and Countermeasure’ Strip (CCCS). They are very similar in nature and the principles are the same, slightly different in format but nevertheless heading in the same direction. Through the supportive utilisation of good visual management, problems can be captured, visualised and reviewed at periodic intervals throughout their life span.

This clarity allows the issues to be understood, tracked and viewed as part of a standard ‘Go, Look, See’ initiative and supports a follow-up activity after the resolution has been put in place.


The key information that is essential to the smooth working of a CCC Strip or Problem and Countermeasure Sheet can be broken down into:

‘What? Where? How? Who? When? 

A Concern, Containment and Countermeasure Strip (CCC) is used in exactly the same way as the Problem and Countermeasure sheet. The only difference is the strip can be removed and archived faster, this gives the advantage of removing clutter from the information boards and keeping the information ‘live’. So, in brief, a raised concern is recorded and its status tracked. 

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The Problem and Countermeasure sheet is exactly what the title defines it as, a basic sheet where problems are recorded so remedial actions can be followed in a structured fashion. The titles are basic and simplistic but very prudent. Lean is very much about accountability and two of the criteria are who is responsible and when the actions identified will be completed by.