Genba (現場  also known as gemba) is a Japanese term meaning

 "the real place."

A fundamental but nevertheless extremely powerful Lean tool is ‘Go look See’. Actually visiting the work area and gauging an understanding of what actually happens in the area, free from assumptions and viewing and discussing the shop floor activities with operatives personally.

The benefits are many fold:


•What happens on a day-to-day basis is fully understood; 

•Issues and concerns can be raised and explained  directly by the  employees; 

•Confidence of employees will build as they see an  interest taken in the  job they  do;

•A rapport and understanding can be built between  managers ,  supervisory staff and  employees; 

•‘Interval Control’ intermittent visits to the floor to  gauge the progress of  tasks can be 

 utilised to improve both safety and efficiency targets;  and 

•The opportunity to take time to both talk and engage  employees on  the shop floor. 

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