Elliott Kemp Matrix

An Elliott Kemp Matrix is probably one of the easiest tools to use. It is merely a square quartered where interested is assessed against influence. It can be subjective and is open to opinion but when carried out correctly and in a structured fashion it is a powerful indicator of stakeholder attitudes and view points.


It can often depict a very interesting portrayal of what is happening in an area over time with regard to stakeholders, how attitudes and thought processes can change towards particular projects, either in a negative ot positive fashion. 


Understanding your issues is halfway to resolving your issues. There will during the course on any large project be other stakeholders that the stage (and even depart the stage), knowing who they are and their view point towards your activity is always helpful. Dealing with stakeholders and people in general is never simple, using the Elliott Kemp Matrix gives the advantage of consciously thinking about people that can effect your project, either positively or adversely, knowing is the key.

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