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Visual Management  the intention of  the Visual Management course is to make the process transparent, a gold fish bowl where there is a window into the process. If a process is transparent and can be seen in real time, issues can be both identified and resolved in real time. Resolution can be both speedy and effective. Good Visual Management should be simple, easily understood and standardised throughout the organisation where possible; it should also be reviewed regularly for improvement as Lean grows in the organisation. 




Visual Management and the importance of:utilising:

  • Ability to align everyone in the organisation;
  • ability to support & identfy process abnormalities in 'real time';
  • alignmnent of both customer and the organisation of what is important; 
  • improvement of awareness of what is actually happening, improvement of rapid response; and 
  • opportunity for a more pro-active approach.   


Course Content


Each section of the course will be a constructive introduction to the many Lean tools available to the Lean practiitioner. Over the course you will achieve the ability to implement the new techniques and methodologies within the workplace. 


These methodologies have been used in many industries throughout the world creating substantial savings; not only driving out waste but improvement on customer satisfaction.



  • Introduction to Visual Management
  • What is a Visual Management?
  • Portraying Data
  • KPIs & The Visual Factory
  • Interactive Excercises