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Value Stream Map (VSM) is a training course designed as a pathway in the application of techniques and methodologies, including interactive excercises. 

This introductory course will cover interactive excercises, providing the participitant with an understanding and greater knowledge of the concepts associated with VSM. 

This includes. Data regarding the process flow, Value added activity, Non value added activity, lead times, communication both verbal and electronic, Inventory, repair (right first time) Process bottlenecks anything that effects the process. 




 To understand where and how to use the VSM tool effectively:

  • To be able to understand/analyse the current state of the process;
  • Understanding where you want to be;
  • To be able to design a future state of the process; 
  • Understand Non Value Added and Value Added Activites;
  • Identify Bottle necks within the system;
  • Identify 'Quick-Wins'; and
  • how to measure and visualise the process.

Course Content


Each section of the course will be a constructive introduction to the many Lean tools available to the Lean practiitioner. Over the course you will achieve the ability to implement the new techniques and methodologies within the workplace. 


These methodologies have been used in many industries throughout the world creating substantial savings; not only driving out waste but improvement on customer satisfaction.

  • Introduction to Lean
  • What is Lean about?
  • The 8 Wastes
  • Non-Value Added vs Value Added
  • 5S & Standardisation
  • Process Mapping
  • VSM
  • JIT, Kanban and 'Pull' System
  • Right First Time
  • KPIs & The Visual Factory