LEAN - TPM (Total Preventive Maintenance)

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LEAN – TPM (Total Preventive Maintenance) course is designed as a pathway in the application of preventive maintenance in techniques and methodologies, including interactive excercises. This course will cover steps of how to make sure that your organisations machinery is operating correctly, whilst meeting safety and legislative requirements. TPM is an approach which places the responsibility for routine maintenance on the operator rather than outsourcing for that function.


The importance of protecting your assets…prevention is definitely better than cure.




LEAN - TPM  iis an understanding of where and how to use TPM effectively:

  • An understanding of the different maintenance strategies;
  • an understanding of the different maintenance strategies;
  • guide into developing and introducing a TPM system within your organisation; and
  • understanding what is needed to make TPM succeed.

Course Content


Each section of the course will be a constructive introduction to the many Lean tools available to the Lean practiitioner. Over the course you will achieve the ability to implement the new techniques and methodologies within the workplace. 


These methodologies have been used in many industries throughout the world creating substantial savings; not only driving out waste but improvement on customer satisfaction.


  • Aims & Objectives of TPM
  • A Lean Approach to TPM
  • Key Points of TPM
  • Setting the Standard
  • TPM & Visual Management
  • Planned Maintenance
  • Planned Maintenance Data Collection
  • Overall Equipment Effectiveness