How it starts

Once you have registered on your chosen course or programme, we will email your Course resources or in the case of the Programmes, one Module at a time; within 24 hours. All the course materials and practical exercises will be supplied in a pdf format so you can save them to your computer and work through them at your own pace. 




Who will benefit from Lean Transformation Training?

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Course & Programme durations:

Transformation Leadership Courses

120 hrs study and practical activities, plus tutor marked Assignment  


Transformation Leadership Programmes – LEAN, an Insight

240 hrs study and practical activities, plus tutor marked Assignment 


Transformation Leadership Programme – LEAN Transformation Leadership Programme

This is an in-depth course of 12 Modules which is designed to cover Lean Methodologies and Optimisation principles, providing the participant with an understanding and greater knowledge of the concepts associated with Leading in a Lean environment. This Programme will be no less than 12 months to a maximum of 18-month period of study; plus, 12 tutor marked Assignments and exercises.

Please feel free to contact us to ask further questions regarding this course.


What support is available

When you register for any of the online courses you will be assigned a personal mentor; whom you will be able to contact at any time during the participation of the course, if you have any questions which you would like to talk about in greater depth about the subject matter of the course. 


What happens next

At the end of each completed Course or Module and practical exercises; you will then be required to complete an Assignment. Once the Assignment has been accomplished you will need to submit all paperwork to your mentor. These Assignment questions have been designed to improve the learning processes of the course.

Once the Assignment has been submitted, your tutor will send you the next Module of your course (if applicable). The submitted Assignment will be marked and returned with feedback within the 5-day working week. If extra work needs applying to the Assignment, there will be an opportunity to improve and re-submit the Assignment.


We will ask for feedback once your course has been completed; this will cover aspects of communication between student and mentor, quality of study materials and matter; as with all features of Lean, it is a journey of continuous improvement for both student and mentor.

For more information please also see our On-line Terms & Conditions