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Why customer feedback is important to us....


Our customers are the most important asset to our organisation. They are the resource upon which the success of the business depends. So, it's good to know what we're good at and even more so when we have to act on something that is not quite so good.

With our commitment to continuous improvement  throughout the business and our carefully considered Customer Care Policies in place to take care of you. 

Customer Care Policy

As part of Lean Progression Ltd.’s compliance to quality and customer satisfaction obligations, it has a comprehensive customer and compliant procedure and the involvement of Senior staff and Directors until the matter is resolved to the satisfaction of all parties.To ensure customer complaints or failures of communication or meeting customer requirements are fully investigated by the Contract Manager and Managing Director and they are addressed as soon as possible. As such, our stages of response to a problem being reported will include:

  • recording and verify the problem to be resolved;
  • assigning an investigating Manager;
  • consulting with the complainant and parties to the incident;
  • producing recommendations/actions and parties to the incident;
  • producing recommendations/actions to resolve the issue to the Managing Director;
  • communicating the findings to the client;
  • analysing the findings from the investigation and report to the client; and to
  • implementing corrective measures and/or procedures to prevent recurrence;

We use the above stages to deliver our commitment to quality management and eliminate failure to meet the client requirement. If any client complaints are received whether verbal or written, they are recorded on a standard Customer/Client Complaint Form by our Contract Supervisor.

If the client complaint is received by our Contract Team, we will endeavour to resolve the situation immediately to the satisfaction of the customer in consultation with the Contract Manager and report the outcome to the Managing Director, Mark Roberts. If not, it should be passed on to the Contract Manager who, in liaison with the relevant staff, investigates and evaluates the complaint and takes appropriate corrective action.

The Contract Manager will undertake an investigation to establish exactly what has occurred and if this issue relates to misunderstanding regarding the specification of the journey, rather than failure to perform to a satisfactory standard of courtesy and/or behaviour.

All staff members are made aware at their induction and training of our commitment to delivering high quality experiences of Lean Progression Ltd. services to the total satisfaction of the client.

The Contract Manager will communicate the outcome of all investigations to the client within two working days ensuring that corrective action is undertaken and sign and date the Customer/Client Complaint Form to verify that action has been completed.

The Complaint form is then recorded on the Compliant & Non-Conformance Form which is examined and reviewed as part of the Monthly Performance Management Framework.

The Contract Manager and Managing Director will examine any learning from the investigation and will implement and revise any procedure and our training issue to ensure that this problem is prevented from re-occurring in accordance with the above stages. Lean Progression Ltd. is committed to continuous improvement and the constant improvement of policies, processes and procedures to improve performance and provide highest levels of customer/client satisfaction.

LPCP/CCP - Lean Progression Ltd – Customer Care Policy updated version January 2016