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Consultancy Services, over the past several years our consultants have developed their knowledge and experience from working for a number of companies in many varying sectors globally...

  • Automotive 
  • Pharmaceutical
  • Lean Office
  • Aerospace
  • Rail
  • Logistics
  • Mining
  • Manufacturing
  • MRO
  • Healthcare
  • Food Manufacturing
  • Education
  • Service Operations

Case Study 1 - Review, Optimisation & Improvement of Processes 



An independent Insurance Broker with a successful track record of over 40 years, that specialise in both commercial and consumer insurance for homes, offices, vehicles, tradesmen, contractors and more.


Client Needs

We were approached by the client to identified process improvement opportunities to improve processes and increase efficiency throughout the operation. To work with the Leadership Team to assess and evaluate their staff on utilisation and training needs.

Evaluation of client's systems and processes using Lean systems and methodologies identification as to the most appropriate after discussion with CEO and during introduction with team the previous day of the activity.



  • Identification of the optimal and most efficient way of working
  • Understand and clarify opportunities for both improvement efficiency optimisation
  • Value Stream Mapping was used extensively during the activity to understand and clarify the sequence of events with several key insurance based products
  • Involvement and interaction with the team was also extensively utilised
  • A SWOT analysis was also utilised to highlight key points with the team about what is regarded as key issues (potentially) effecting the business organisation



  • A 'BUY-IN' was increased by initiatating a Training Programme throughout the company
  • Improve 'real time' skills/under utilisation work balance status
  • Improve optimisation points highlighted with more clarity
  • Standardising workflow. Creating understanding of sustainability
  • Improve management tasks that can be cascaded to colleagues (Empowerment/sharing burden)
  • Improve ‘backroom’ administration of systems – Double handling, improvement of efficiency


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