What Is Behaviour & Culture?


“The Culture of any organisation is shaped by the worst behaviour that the Leader is willing to tolerate” 


by Gruenter & Whitaker

Cultural behaviour whether we like it or not governed by a person or persons of authority within the workforce. There are many factors that define culture in the workplace, many will have been ingrained over many years and they can be based on items such as management employee trust, broken promises or just perceived broken promises, layoffs and redundancies, union activity to name just a few. A workforce that has been within a company for a generation or more will have seen many changes, some good some that were not so good. But their perception of how the tasks taken on will be instilled by the way they have seen the Management's acceptance of a standard. Newer members of staff will simply walk in to an organisation and accept what is as is. It is people and their attitudes that go into making the culture of an organisation

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Taking those first steps to accomplish cultural change requires:

  • Commitment to change;
  • Planning and execution;
  • An understanding of existing values that exist;
  • What are the core values of the organisation?

If you find that the existing values are not promoting the desired effect, you may wish to take steps to: 

  • Bring together your executive group, include all stakeholders and interested parties;
  • understand what you are doing as opposed to what you want to do. Understand the gap;
  • create a clear objective that is understood by all;
  • create a vision and communicate this vision;
  • create a clear strategy in how you plan to close this gap;
  • define roles in leading processes throughout the organisation; and
  • empowerment to work within teams or decision-making autonomy.